Method of removing dust on the surface of printing materials

The printing materials have to achieve an acceptable level of printing, not only to eliminate the electrostatic charge on the surface, but also to remove all the dust and other impurities adsorbed on the surface. After the charge is eliminated, the adsorption capacity of the printing material to dust can disappear immediately, and the dust in the surrounding environment can be prevented from being adsorbed again. However, this does not mean that the dust and other impurities that have been adsorbed on the surface have been removed, and therefore other measures must be used in conjunction with it. .

The easiest way is to remove the electrostatic charge and then use a brush to clean it. However, this method can only remove large particles and incomplete removal. A more effective method is to use an ultrasonic generator to generate a strong compressed air flow. Through the same width as the paper roll web and very close to the nozzle of the paper roll, the compressed air is blown to the surface of the printing material to produce an air knife-like effect to sweep the dust. . Its function is like a vacuum cleaner, dust will not return to the surface of printing materials. Although different nozzles of different brands have different geometrical profiles, they all use their own technology to make the air flow reach a very high speed. Some nozzles can generate airflow speeds of more than 560 kilometers per hour, which can effectively remove the adherence to the printing. Dust particles on the surface of the material.

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