Cologne International Furniture Fair launched the “Innovative Product Zone” in 2013

Cologne International Furniture Fair will introduce a new platform for unique interior design concepts, exhibiting forward-thinking, pioneering products, innovative materials and experimental research. The new exhibition platform has become popular in the post, and some brand-name products companies especially like this open, gallery-like exhibition concept.


Since the launch of the Pure Village Exhibition model three years ago, the Cologne International Furniture Fair team led by Frank Haubold and its creative director Dick Spierenburg has made new moves, and this initiative will surely be successful. Frank Haubold and Dick Spierenburg not only re-planned the entire exhibition area, but also launched the “Innovative Product Pavilion”, which fully demonstrated the talent of the two in terms of innovation mode and timing. Within a few weeks of the redesigned Hall 3.2, several top companies in the interior design field are scheduled to exhibit. This exhibition model is unique in style and advancing with the times, and is welcomed by new exhibitors such as Capo D'opera, Extremis, Serralunga, Slide and Vondom.


For Vitra, it was this new form of exhibition that led to its decision to return to the exhibition after three years of absence from the show. Vitra CEO Rudolf Pütz said: “Vitra has decided to participate in the 2013 Cologne International Furniture Fair and will participate in the “Innovative Products Pavilion”. The exhibition concept is unique, creative and exciting. The booth structure is open and fascinating. The layout of the booth complements each other and echoes. The design style of the booth is different and refreshing. Vitra agrees with this concept and hopes to assist the Cologne exhibition to promote this exhibition mode. The old exhibitors of Cologne International Furniture Fair will also like this. A new exhibition concept. Companies such as E15, Interstuhl, Fl?totto and Thonet all plan to make full use of the potential of this exhibition model. The structure of the exhibition has been systematically planned, and the booth layout is unique and profound. It will be launched. A style of design display platform that inspires and fascinates.


German Furniture Industry Association Mr. Dirk-Uwe Klaas

The “Textiles Pavilion” is located in the same exhibition hall and will feature a variety of high-end textiles. For high-end furniture, this high-end textile plays an increasingly important role. Starting in 2013, the high-end brands Christian Fischbacher, Création Baumann, JAB Anstoetz, Kinnasand, Nya Nordiska, Sahco, Chivasso, Wellmann and Zimmer + Rohde will occupy approximately one quarter of the space in Hall 3.2 and become the showroom. Direction sign.

Frank Haubold commented: “I am very pleased to be able to create a new exhibition model that is also welcomed by the old exhibitors in Hall 11. They will move to Hall 3.2, which means that Hall 11 will make more room. In the past, many companies have requested to increase the booth area. Because of the limited space, we have been unable to meet their needs. This change is just the right time. Many exhibitors, especially the famous furniture manufacturers from Italy, hope to come to 2013 to “innovate”. The exhibition area of ​​the product exhibition area. The expansion of the structure and space of the exhibition area has benefited all exhibitors in the exhibition area.


Cologne International Exhibition Ltd. Mr. Frank Haubold

Dick Spierenburg explained to the planning of the Cologne International Furniture Fair: “The entire exhibition area focuses on the quality of the design. We not only want to expand the exhibition space, but also need to improve the design quality. The higher the building is, the less the foundation is not strengthened. We must pass the diversity. We will promote, expand and innovate to improve quality. We hope that this exhibition mode of “Pure Village, Innovative Product Pavilion and Textile Pavilion” will provide exhibitors with an exhibition environment that can meet their specific needs, and encourage exhibitors to launch innovative exhibition concepts.

The “Innovative Products Zone” also provides a new platform for the self-development of top brand names, and all major creative brands are happy to accept this. Peter Thonet, CEO of Thonet Ltd. said: “We immediately liked the exhibition concept of “Innovative Products Zone”, which is like tailor-made for us. For brands like Thonet. Let us stand out and make a deep impression. I hope that through this exhibition, each exhibitor will have a stronger brand recognition and a deeper impression on the public. We are very curious about the results of the exhibition, although it is still a long way from now. Time, but we have begun to look forward to the show.

Vice President Frank Haubold believes that changes in the interior design market have contributed to the success of this new form of exhibition. He said: "The world is becoming more and more personalized, and this exhibition area can reflect the changes of the market and society. We enhance individual factors in an art framework and put various styles and products in a limited space. The combination is brought together with the target group. In the ultimate sense, this is the exhibition."

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