Yogurt plastic bottle is a new area of ​​block

Yogurt is a dairy product popular among people like Ami and weight loss. Yogurt has the effect of promoting gastric secretion, increasing appetite and enhancing digestion. It is a very good drink for people who are long-term sedentary. This is the main reason why yogurt has risen in the field of dairy products in recent years.

In the past, the main packaging of yogurt was mainly small plastic boxes, which were then packaged together in rows. However, nowadays, with the popularity of yogurt, many members of some families have the need to drink yogurt. In this market demand bottled yogurt also began to appear, this type of yogurt plastic bottles to 5L and 2.5L-based, with a handle, mainly PE material. At present, there are not many manufacturers of yogurt plastic bottles. For some manufacturers engaged in milk bottle production, it is necessary to increase such product types. As market demand continues to increase, market sales of such products will begin to increase, which is a new market growth point for milk bottle companies.

In addition, yogurt plastic bottles to meet the preservation needs of yogurt, yogurt is basically placed in the refrigerator, which requires related materials to meet this need. We believe that in addition to PE plastic bottles, there will be other materials plastic bottles will be used to make large-capacity yogurt plastic bottles, which we think it is worth trying.

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