Corrugated paper inspection method used standard

Corrugated paper is one of the important constituent materials for the production of corrugated cardboard. Corrugated paper requires good fiber bonding strength, smooth paper surface, good tightness and stiffness, and requires a certain degree of elasticity to ensure that the finished carton has shock and pressure resistance. In addition, the moisture index must be controlled, the water content is too small, the paper is brittle, and the corrugation will be broken when it is processed; if the water content is too large, the paper will be soft and will cause difficulties in processing and molding. The moisture content of general paper should be controlled at about 10%. Domestic corrugated paper is divided into four grades: A, B, C, and D.

The test items include quantitative, thickness, tightness, bursting resistance, ring pressure strength, transverse compression index, flat compressive strength, crack length, sizing degree, and moisture.

The methods used to detect the standard are: GB, SN, ISO, TAPPI, SCAN, JIS, and so on. Here is a simple example of our country's inspection standards:

1.GB/T 451.2-2002 "Determination of quantitative determination of paper and board"

2.GB/T 451.3-2002 Determination of Paper and Board Thickness

3.GB/T 453-2002 "Determination of tensile strength of paper and board (constant speed loading method)"

4.GB/T 454-2002 "Determination of paper bursting strength"

5.GB/T 455-2002 "Determination of tearing of paper and paperboard"

6.GB/T 456-2002 "Determination of smoothness of paper and paperboard (Buick method)"

7.GB/T 457-2002 "Measurement of Paper Folding Resistance (Shawbeck Method)"

8. GB/T 458-2002 "Determination of Air Permeability of Paper and Paperboard (Shawbel Method)"

9.GB/T 459-2002 "Determination of Paper and Cardboard Stretchability"

10. GB/T 462-2003 "Determination of moisture in paper and board"

11.GB/T 13024-2003 Boxboard

12.SN/T0874-2000 "Procedures for Inspection of Import and Export Paper and Board"

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