Children's color mud - snail

Children's color mud - snail

1. Pinch the round shape with flesh-colored plasticine.
Children's color mud - snail

2. The two ends of the circle pinch out the two antennae.

Children's color mud - snail
3. Two small circles made the eyes.
Children's color mud - snail

4. The plasticine is twisted into two strips.
Children's color mud - snail

5. The two strips twisted each other.
Children's color mud - snail

6. Put your head on the front end of the twisted strip, use a purple plasticine to grow the strip and circle it.
Children's color mud - snail

7. The rubber around the circle is engraved with a knives on the mud.
Children's color mud - snail

8. Let the snail carry it on its home.

Our factory bags are BRC food certified,We can produce animal food bags
Can be used for rice, flour, corn, and cereals.
Our company has been operating for 20 years and has rich export experience.
Pp Woven Bags can be made of coated, uncoated, or BOPP, which can help customers customize the size and printing

Whether it is a Offset Printed Bag, a film bag or Bopp Plastic Bags, we can customize the size 
and Customized according to customer's printing design
Bopp Laminated Bagis our advantage product, we can print up to 7 colors, can be made into with a square bottom,

Generally our woven bag specifications are as follows:

width  30-75cm
length As customer demand
fabric thickness 55g/m2-130g/m2
pe film coated or no coated
BOPP laminated 20g/m2

Below are photos of our products

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Poly Woven Food Bag

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