Hong Kong beauty company plastic surgery accident forced employees to sign the resignation

According to Hong Kong's "Ta Kung Pao" report, Hong Kong DR Medical Beauty Group, which involved 1 intravenous and 3 injury accidents in intravenous infusion therapy, was suspected of being involved in labor disputes due to selling! More than 100 employees complained to the Hong Kong trade unions, alleging that the company forced them to sign the resignation letter, and signed new contracts with four unidentified shell companies, but did not mention the severance or compensation scheme, and the new contract terms were harsh and only discretionary Commission and hard work awards. The Hong Kong trade union expects 500 employees to be affected, and urges the employers to properly handle the severance arrangements before deciding whether to sign a new contract. The Hong Kong Labour Department said that it is mediating this labor dispute.

A spokesperson for the customer service department of DR Medical Beauty Group in Hong Kong said that the group will continue to operate, denying that the company has sold or been acquired. However, about 20 DR employees held a press conference with the Hong Kong Beauty and Fitness Professionals Association yesterday (5th), saying that DR parent company Yongyi (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. issued a notice on Monday, stating that "everyone understands that only the transfer company, Only after the transfer of the name, can the turnover be restored as soon as possible, so the company will accept the proposal of partial transfer of other groups. After the center of the acquired company is transferred, the employees can resume business and increase income."

Xu Huifeng, chairman of the Hong Kong Beauty and Fitness Professionals Association, said that more than 100 employees have received complaints that the company’s top executives have forced them to sign voluntary resignations and sign new contracts with four other new companies, but the top officials will deliberately During the busy hours, the employees were harassed, and they forced the employees to sign the resignation letter and the new contract. They told the new company to order, but they covered the contract terms, so that the employees could sign a new contract without knowing it." If you do not sign the contract, you will be automatically resigned. However, some employees searched for new company information online and questioned whether four companies with unknown origins were shell companies.

The terms of the new company's employment contract are also very demanding. One of the new company contracts stipulates that the commission and work-study awards are issued at the discretion of the company. The employees may not be issued even if they work on time; if the employees sell less than 50,000 for two consecutive months Yuan (HK$, the same below), the company has the right to terminate the contract. Xu Huifeng also quoted pregnant employees as saying that the new company stipulated that no salary will be paid during the maternity leave period. She believes that the company's practices are unreasonable, exploiting employee benefits, and the employees had complained to the Labour Department the day before, but the company did not send representatives to attend.

Some employees who did not want to be named whispered. After working in DR for nearly 10 years, they asked themselves to be loyal, but they exchanged the company for unreasonable treatment. I hope that the company will properly handle the severance arrangement before letting employees decide whether to sign a new contract. She said that since the DR accident, the company's business has been significantly reduced, from more than 40 stores to more than 10, the total number of employees has decreased by nearly half to 500, worried that many employees will be affected, and hope to meet with the employer as soon as possible.

The Hong Kong Labour Department has indicated that it is assisting staff and DR medical beauty to clarify incidents, understand the relevant statutory requirements and provide mediation services.

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