In 2011, the Hong Kong IPO appeared a new variety of Southern Fund to be listed in Hong Kong (VC290)

According to Hong Kong media reports, as the new stock market grows, the “new varieties” that may be seen in 2011 include mainland asset management companies and most e-commerce companies that chose New York as their listing place in the past.
Southern Fund intends to come to Hong Kong
According to market news, Shenzhen-based Southern Fund is considering listing in Hong Kong, and if successful, it will become the first mainland asset management company to list in Hong Kong. The only asset management company currently listed in Hong Kong that is relatively familiar to investors is Value Partners Group.
In addition, in the past few years, many mainland e-commerce companies have rushed out of China. The most notable ones are Youku, which is known as the "Chinese version of Youtube", and Dangdang, which is known as the "Chinese version of Amazon", in December 2010. Landed on the NYSE and Nastke, the stock price rose more than 1.5 times and 50% on the first day.
Many people expressed doubts about the ability of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to absorb, but Zhu Junwei, co-president of UBS Global Capital Markets Asia, did not agree, "(fund raising) US $ 100-200 million (e-commerce companies) may Will still go to the United States, but the larger US $ 300-500 million may choose Hong Kong. "
In addition to the new options that may emerge, the industries seen in the new stock market in 2011 are still dominated by investors familiar with domestic banking, consumption and resources.
However, such as real estate has been the first to be under pressure, and the newly introduced car stock policy has also cast a shadow on the relevant shares.
Zhu Junwei pointed out, "The profit margin of retail stocks will narrow in the medium term. In the long run, we must build a brand and increase market share to increase growth momentum."
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