The construction plan of the science inquiry laboratory of the science and technology of South Normal University in 2011

Normal University Education "Scientific Inquiry Lab

1. Normal University Education Science Inquiry Lab Function

1. The Normal University Educational Science Inquiry Lab was developed and designed to adapt to the full implementation of the new curriculum standards in China, and is closely integrated with new textbooks. Teachers can use this environment to better guide students to complete the main textbooks in high school, junior high school and primary school Inquiry experiment.

2. The Normal University Educational Science Inquiry Laboratory takes students' development as the main body, and the new curriculum experimental teaching environment researched and developed with the concepts of synthesis, inquiry, innovation, and learning, is in line with the new self-learning, cooperative learning, and inquiry learning. learning method. Students use this environment to carry out scientific inquiry and experimental learning, which can better complete the course learning tasks, and can quickly adapt to the new exam methods and exam models.

3. The Normal University Education Science Inquiry Laboratory is conducive to cultivating students' scientific inquiry and scientific innovation ability. Students use this environment to carry out scientific inquiry experimental learning, which can better cultivate the comprehensive ability to analyze and solve problems, and participate in domestic Foreign mathematics, physics, chemistry and information science and other types of competitions, so as to obtain better competition results.

2. Characteristics of Normal University Education Science Inquiry Laboratory

1. Can broaden students 'horizons, improve quality education, and fully develop students' comprehensive abilities. In the experiment, let the students participate in the experiment design, get hands-on, and gain direct experience. To enable students to deepen understanding and consolidate the knowledge learned in the classroom, improve a variety of abilities, and receive training in scientific methods and scientific thinking. Let students develop a rigorous and realistic scientific attitude, develop creative thinking, form creative character, and increase creative talents.

2. It is conducive to cultivating students' subjective consciousness and self-education ability. Students are always in the dominant position in the experiment. Students take an active part in the whole process of proposing experimental projects, designing plans, implementing operations, summarizing, discussing, and writing papers. Students learn, master, and apply knowledge in experiments, and truly become the main body of learning. In the activities, students maximize their subjective functions, self-organize and evaluate, cultivate their scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts, and constantly seek the spirit of new knowledge.

3. It breaks the traditional single acceptance method of students, and transforms into a combination of acceptance and inquiry, which leads the students to expand the knowledge field outside the class, which greatly promotes the development of the inquiry spirit and inquiry thinking of students.

4. It is conducive to improving the school's popularity and the overall competitiveness of the school. International Olympiad has always been a very important item in our country's middle schools, and Olympiad's achievements reflect the school's influence. The Normal University Educational Science Inquiry Laboratory is of great benefit in improving the results of the Olympic Games.

5. Teachers can use the Normal University Education Science Inquiry Laboratory to conduct research on subjects related to subject teaching, and students can conduct inquiring experiments other than subject learning.

3. The construction plan of Normal University Education Science Inquiry Laboratory

The Institute of Curriculum Resources of Nanjing Normal University has developed a series of scientific inquiry experimental instruments. It can be equipped with inquiry experimental instruments according to the needs, and establish elementary and middle school scientific inquiry laboratories, scientific innovation laboratories, inquiry experiment bases, or indoor and outdoor science palaces.

1. According to the requirements of the new course "Standard", establish a scientific inquiry laboratory.

2. Establish scientific inquiry laboratories by subject or function.

3. Combine with information technology to establish a scientific inquiry laboratory.

4. According to the requirements of quality education, establish a scientific innovation laboratory.

5. Carry out scientific research experiments and establish scientific research experiment bases.

6. Establish an indoor and outdoor science palace.

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