JULABO-ACE 150ml High Pressure Reactor

1. Kettle body material: 316TI stainless steel (with PTFE village cover) 2. Kettle cover material: 316TI stainless steel (with PTFE village cover), the kettle body can be fastened manually to withstand pressure without the need to install tools 3. Kettle body Total volume: 150ml, PTFE lined volume: 100ml4, temperature range: room temperature ~ 230 ° C5, maximum pressure: 200 bar max. 6, all valves and connections: 316TI stainless steel 7, seals: FFKM seal8, kettle lid Connection: Quick-clamp connection, no tools required, simple operation, safe use 9, standard opening of kettle lid: 6 opening design, can be used to connect thermometer sleeve, standard accessories (explosion-proof membrane + automatic pressure relief valve + pressure relief valve), Pressure gauge, air inlet valve, gas sampling device, liquid sampling device, vacuum interface, etc. 10. Magnetic stirrer is used, stirring is even and fast, the stirrer is PTFE anti-corrosion 11, with a safe intake line and a safe blast exhaust line , To ensure the safety of the laboratory and laboratory personnel 12. Each valve is marked with a logo to facilitate the identification of the specific use of each valve, to ensure safe use 13. Stirring speed: 50 ~ 1200rpm14, a heating jacket is embedded on the outside of the kettle body Temperature controller temperature control 15, display screen: dual display screen, one LED highlight display screen, one LCD detailed content display screen, with temperature control software can be remotely controlled 16, display resolution: 0.0117, temperature control instrument control temperature range : Room temperature ~ 400 ° C18, temperature stability: ICC dynamic temperature control, connect up to 3 temperature sensors, feel and display the temperature and safe temperature in different areas at the same time 19, over temperature alarm and automatic safe shutdown function

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