Mainstream development of waterproof test chamber

Mainstream development of waterproof test chamber

In the past 10 years, due to research achievements in nanoscale precision machinery, modern chemical research at the molecular level, biological research at the genetic level, new sensor technology and intelligent technology, and high-precision super-performance special functional materials The emergence of a large number of the latest contemporary scientific and technological achievements, including the achievements of global network technology promotion and application, has caused fundamental changes in the field of waterproof test chambers-these new achievements have not only become the basis for modern waterproof test chambers and their industries The soil, foundation, support and power for survival and development are also rapidly changing the working principle and essential characteristics of the equipment, and making it possess and possess many, brand-new, ultra-high functions that traditional simply cannot reach and realize. It can be said that modern waterproof test chamber products have become the most typical high-tech products.

At present, it has not only completely broken through the traditional optical, mechanical, and electrical frameworks, but also developed rapidly in the direction of computerization, networking, intelligence, and multi-function. Moreover, due to the large amount of research results of high-tech science and technology, interdisciplinary Comprehensive design, sophisticated manufacturing technology and strict scientific practical application, it is also making great strides in the direction of higher speed, more sensitive, more reliable and simpler access to the comprehensive information of the analyzed, detected and controlled objects . It can be seen from the above analysis that high technology is not only the main feature of modern times, but also the only way to revitalize the test equipment industry, as well as the mainstream of the development of waterproof test chambers and their industries in the new century.

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