Dehumidification method and principle of high and low temperature damp heat test chamber

The constant temperature and humidity test box is composed of four major systems: control system, heating and humidification system, refrigeration system and protection system. If there is humidification in the humidification system, then there must be a dehumidification part. What is the dehumidification method and principle of Beijing Yashilin constant temperature and humidity chamber?

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber uses freezing and dehumidification, using a refrigerator as a cooling source, and a direct evaporative cooler as a cooling device to cool the air below the dew point temperature, precipitation of water vapor greater than the saturated moisture content, reducing the absolute content of air Humidity, reuse some or all of the condensation heat to heat the cooled air, thereby reducing the relative humidity of the air to achieve the purpose of dehumidification. Frozen dehumidification has the advantages of good dehumidification effect, rapid relative humidity drop, low operating cost, no heat source, no cooling water, easy operation, flexible use, etc. It is widely used in defense engineering, civil air defense engineering, various warehouses, libraries , Archives, underground engineering, electronics industry, precision machining, medicine, food, agricultural seed storage and workshops of various industrial and mining enterprises.

The following introduces several types of dehumidification methods

1. Cooling and dehumidification

Cool the air below the dew point, and then remove the condensed moisture. It is effective in the occasion above dew point.

2. Compression and dehumidification

Compress and cool the humid air to separate its moisture. It is effective when the air volume is small, but it is not suitable for large air volume.

3. Solid adsorption dehumidification

Capillary action is used to adsorb moisture to the solid hygroscopic agent. The dew point can be reduced, but the equipment becomes larger when the adsorption area is large.

4. Liquid absorption dehumidification

Use a spray of lithium chloride aqueous solution to absorb moisture. The dew point can be reduced to about -20 ℃, but the equipment is larger and the absorption liquid must be replaced.

5. Dehumidification by adsorption rotor

The thin sheet impregnated with moisture absorbent is processed into a honeycomb-shaped runner for ventilation. Its dehumidification structure is simple, and its dew point can be below -70 ℃ after special assembly.

Dehumidification method and principle of constant temperature and humidity test box produced by Beijing Yashilin Test Equipment Co., Ltd.

Dehumidification method and principle of high and low temperature damp heat test chamber

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