Shuaikang smoke machine CXW-220-T888 big suction trust choice

To fight against this fume, there is always a suction hood with great suction. Today I will bring you this Shuaikang CXW-220-T888, which is famous for its great suction.

Product parameters Illumination LED lamp, dual-lamp unified control 2 * 3W air volume 20 ± 10% m³ / min wind pressure ≥400Pa motor input power 220W noise 53dB (A) (sound pressure level) overall size 895cm * 520cm * 555cm

Evaluation time: December 2012

Evaluation location: Shuaikang store

Evaluation brand: Shuaikang kitchen appliances

Evaluation product: Range hood CXW-220-T888

Evaluation items: appearance, suction, oil net, noise

Appearance: stylish and versatile details with love

Nowadays, everyone's pursuit has been improved, and when choosing things, the appearance also occupies a pivotal position. The Shuaikang T888 in front of you has a stylish "T" shape appearance, oil-brushed brushed stainless steel body and stainless steel integrated stretch-forming inner cavity, and black crystal operation panel. Isn't it just all-matching to say that texture and color alone? In addition, the internal and external stainless steel materials are greatly convenient for cleaning; in addition, I also saw its intent on the details, the four-button light touch button, easy to operate, 3 minutes automatic delay design, comfortable dual LED energy saving The cold light lamp is soft and not hot, while saving energy, it is really humanized.

Performance: Leading the industry to enjoy the "net" world quietly

If the appearance alone is certainly not enough to win the trust of millions of families, let ’s take a look today and see what charm this T888 has in front of you!

How big is the suction power?

I heard early in the morning that T888 is famous for its high suction power. How big is this suction power?

At present, the air volume of the hood on the market generally stays at about 17m? / Min, and the large suction range hood launched by Shuaikang broke the industry record with an exhaust volume of 20 m? / Min, becoming the first domestic brand to break the 20. The T888 is just one of the series.

What does 20 m? / Min mean? To be honest, I don't really have any idea how. "This means that using T888 can change the fresh air in a kitchen of 7 square meters in one minute." After listening to this explanation, I immediately sighed, and the suction power was truly extraordinary.


To judge the performance of this range hood, the oil net is very important. So what's so great about T888's oil net?

According to the staff, this T888 uses Shuaikang's unique single-layer oil net. The design of Tianluo net integrates the separation of filter oil, oil guide and high-efficiency fume. Not only that, but also the use of Shuaikang oil-proof wall riveting technology, 360-degree omnidirectional oil guide to prevent oil dripping and oil leakage. So, what else is there to worry about?

Net, still quiet

If the air volume is so large, will there be noise? I believe everyone will have such doubts as I do.

But the staff immediately solved my confusion. The maximum air volume, field test, the noise is quite low. The T888 internally designed extremely quiet wind double-wheel system, double-layer progressive design, after the first layer of wind sucks in the fume, the second layer of wind follows closely behind it, catches the residual fume, repositions in two directions, and progressively rotates to form Tai Chi Rotate, double the air volume, and enjoy the quietness. At the same time, the two sub-wheels cancel each other's vibration noise, and the motion is the same, so that "net" and "static" are the best of both worlds.

In general, this T888 is not only stylish and easy to match, but also has great suction power to ensure performance, so there is no need to worry about the problem of oil fume retention; the design of the oil net makes the fume nowhere to escape, and the whole model is more humanized and caring. It is reflected everywhere. Believe it, you ’re right!

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