Vibration system of three comprehensive test chamber

The three comprehensive test chamber is for users to conduct a comprehensive stress screening test of temperature, humidity and vibration on the whole machine (or parts), electrical appliances, instruments, materials, etc., in order to assess the adaptability of the test sample or evaluate the behavior of the test sample. The following briefly introduces the vibration system of the temperature and humidity vibration box.

1. Vibration generator: The temperature and humidity vibration box adopts the adhesive for coil winding of Japan Threeband Company, the excitation temperature sensor of Japan IMV company, the stainless steel mesh plate for the moving coil of Japan Dongbu Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the low noise fan.

2. Switching power amplifier: Siemens switch, contactor, Japan Sanyo Electric Power Module, Motorola Power Amplifier from USA, Fuji Electric Power Module from Japan are used to protect ultra-fast fuses.

Third, the main configuration of the digital vibration controller: DSP interface box (built-in 2-channel charge amplifier), industrial control computer CPUPIV20G, memory 256MB, 60GD hard drive, optical drive 52X, 17-inch flat-screen display. Piezoelectric acceleration sensor (CGJ-1 type)

Fourth, the software: (introduced from the US version) sinusoidal vibration control system, random vibration support control system, classic impact vibration control system color inkjet printer accessory cable.

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