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MASTER OF G? This is a name you absolutely must not know! This is because G-SHOCK is synonymous with watches designed to challenge extreme environments! As we all know, G-SHOCK has always been famous for its spirit of Toughness. How can we stand out from the crowd of watches so powerful and can bear the title of MASTER OFG?

G-SHOCK was born in 1983 from a simple belief: to create a watch that will never break! As early as 1981, the TOUGH project team was established and for the first time completed three development targets of “10” (10m drop impact, 10 BAR waterproof capacity, 10 year battery life); G-SHOCK continued to innovate. From the aspects of construction, material, performance, etc., to overcome various difficulties, we have developed tough design that can ensure the normal operation of the watch for various outdoor environmental applications and extreme environments, and MASTER OF G is a collection of G- SHOCK's Dacheng, together with various advanced technologies, is the strongest player to challenge the limit!

The name of MASTER

Because G-SHOCK has been studying the challenges of various professional fields, it is only under the name of MASTER OF G: FROGMAN, MUDMAN, GULFMAN, RISEMAN and the recently released RANGEMAN five "professional level" watch. These five watches are born in different professional fields and each one has its own unique superior skills. Whether it is a diving expert, extreme sports player, navigator, pilot or rock climbing master... they will all be Your most reliable and solid partner!

King of Deep Water FROGMAN

In 1993 FROGMAN DW-6300 series came out. It calculates the market for the diving time and the watering time respectively, and firstly increases the waterproof function of the G-SHOCK to the ISO-approved standard of water and pressure resistance of 200 meters below the sea surface. In order to meet the requirements of the underwater working environment, the DW-6300 series suitable for divers use a spiral back cover, and the exposed parts are completely coated with resin to greatly improve its sealing and waterproof capabilities.

At the same time, divers' safety is also taken into account, and experienced divers know the danger of water pressure. Before diving, divers should carefully calculate how long it will take at a certain depth to ensure personal safety and how long it takes for the water to dive again. In the past, these data were all manually calculated and recorded. Since the birth of FROGMAN, divers had just entered the dive time and the time interval between water discharges into the watch, and then pressed “start”, FROGMAN will arrange it safely and effectively for you. Diving plan.

Of course, you always have to come up. When you quickly glance at your submersible watch, you know that there are still a few minutes to be happy in the deep water, not to return to that dreary water world. What kind of watch do you wear? It is G-SHOCK FROGMAN. Its body is made of titanium. It is lighter than stainless steel and more rust-proof. It is ideal for those working in seawater environment. FROGMAN meets the very strict requirements of the International Standards Association for waterproofing up to 200 meters below sea level. It has many excellent qualities and special functions and is indeed the best choice for divers.

Love to deal with mud MUDMAN

G-SHOCK fans may not know that the first mud resistant G-SHOCK watch was not the later MUDMAN type. In fact, Casio manufactured the "G-SHOCK II" DW-5500C series for mud prevention as early as 1985. However, because the concept of mud prevention is too bold and novel, this type of watch has always been unattended. Until 1995, when Casio introduced the solid and robust MUDMAN DW-8400 series, the situation was greatly improved.

In addition to fearless loach, G-SHOCK also introduced the MUDMAN AW-570 with anti-magnetism capability in 1997. This watch is therefore also GAUSSMAN's name (GAUSS is the unit of magnetic field induction strength, indicating that the AW-570Y table is completely Not afraid of the influence of a strong magnetic field). The appearance of this watch further proves that Casio has spared no effort to develop a tough watch that does not fear any harmful effects.

Fearless corrosion GULFMAN

As everyone knows, no matter how strong the watch is, the waterproof, dustproof, mudproof ability, as long as it meets the rust-prone environment, all the functions are certainly not there, so G-SHOCK designed a full-effective antirust wristwatch in 1995. Table FISHERMAN DW-8600 series. FISHERMAN is highly resistant to rust because it uses titanium. This lighter metal does not rust and does not cause allergic reactions. Former FROGMAN/DW-8200 series also used titanium. However, the DW-8600 has greatly promoted the anti-rust effect. Not only is the case made of titanium, but all metal components including knobs and buckles are made of titanium. After the series was born, the anti-rust problem was completely solved.

This watch is best used by people who deal with the sea for a long time, because seawater and salty sea breeze are the factors that cause the watch to rust. Since then, the technology has been applied to today's Gulfman, G-SHOCK also associated with the watch and the ocean-related important features, such as tide maps, sunrise / sunset time and so on, making it more suitable for navigation .

Compared with the days of high RISEMAN

Regardless of the niche sports project, as long as it is challenging enough, G-SHOCK will think about how to conquer it. The RISEMAN watch is designed for people flying to the sky. Its wing strap is made of parachute material and leather. Its construction is aerodynamic. It looks like the watch itself is also ready to fly. Like the predecessor SKYFORCE, RISEMAN has many sensitive components to help you complete various thrilling actions such as parachuting, hang gliding and so on. The dual sensors allow you to know at a glance the exact figures of temperature, altitude, and pressure. This watch can also record changes in air pressure during the 26 hours. It will enable you to know in advance what storms may occur and prepare for it as early as possible.

And RISEMAN is one of the five watches, with a particular focus on shock absorption technology. In its case, there is a complete set of shock absorbers that protect the back cover from damage due to impact and increase comfort. There is an image of Icaro on the back cover of Riseman. Icarus was a teenager in Greek mythology. He flew into the space with his own pair of wax wings. When he wanted to get close to the sun, the wax wings were finally melted by the sun. Icarus fell dead. Although he is dead, his spirit will persist in the hearts of people flying into space.

Triple induction RANGEMAN

RANGEMAN is the most widely used watch in the MASTER OF G family. Whether it is daily life, wild hiking, professional climbing... As long as users need to know their position, their geographical environment, weather trends... Data, RANGEMAN can escort you, because the table has a triple sensor, can provide compass, altitude, temperature ... data to help users determine the surrounding environment. The control of the watch is very simple and quick, and all measuring systems can be switched and measured with just one button, which is extremely simple.

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