Pharmaceutical bottle companies recommend focusing on 3D printers

Regardless of the supplier of medicine bottles or the purchase of medicine bottles, the appearance of bottles for medicine bottles is an important factor to be considered in the procurement process. However, if the manufacturer wants to make a sample, it is necessary to open the mold first. It is necessary to open the mold according to the design diagram of the medicine bottle. Opening the mold will involve great costs.

Now, for pharmaceutical bottle manufacturers, we think it is necessary to consider the introduction of a new type of technology. 3D printer. The 3D printer can print out the designed medicine bottle in the computer and provide it to the customer. The customer can see the bottle shape of the medicine bottle and consider whether or not to open the mold according to the printed medicine bottle. This can effectively reduce the risk of the mold opening. The medical bottles produced do not meet the requirements and need to be reopened, causing great cost pressure. We believe that the emergence of 3D printers has revolutionized pharmaceutical bottle packaging companies and greatly reduced the cost of sales.
The current 3D printer technology is becoming more and more mature. The printing cost of 3D printers is still relatively high. With the further promotion and application, in the future, a large amount of costs incurred by pharmaceutical bottle companies for mailing samples each year can be effectively reduced. The medical bottle design is good, just need to transmit the customer's drawings directly to the network.

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