In the autumn and winter, the baby’s healthy emotional signals should be mastered by parents.

The arrival of autumn and winter season is a good time for baby's growth and development, but it is also a frequent period for various common diseases of children. Therefore, we must grasp this special opportunity to promote the growth and development of the baby and prevent multiple diseases in the autumn and winter. It is up to the majority of parents to help. Here are some tips for children's health in autumn. I hope that both parents can bring a healthy and healthy atmosphere to their babies.


Children's emotions should pay attention to :

1. Autumn is also the season of school. The babies who go to school in the early autumn may not be neglected in the face of the new semester, but should actively respond.

2. For babies who are not in school, the emotional venting in autumn may not be frequent in summer, but it also causes some physical needs such as lack of water. The baby can't express emotion through time, it is necessary to pay attention to the parents.

Children's daily diet should pay attention to:

1. Strengthen nutrition. The hot summer climate is the obvious period of stay in the baby's body growth and development, and the autumn is just the best time to supplement and strengthen the nutrition needed by the baby's body.

2. A combination of vegetarian and vegetarian. Appropriately increase the weight of lean meat and fish, reduce the intake of snacks, so as not to cause the baby's appetite to decline.

3. Dietary balance. Fish and eggs, grains and grains, are indispensable, eat less greasy foods and fine foods.


Children's diseases should be prevented:

1. The incidence of diarrhea in the fall of the baby is very high, so pay more attention to prevention. Should pay attention to try not to eat cold food, sleep at night to pay more attention to the baby's abdomen cover blanket to ensure that the small belly is not cold.

2. The vaccination should be played in time to better prevent seasonal infectious diseases.

3. Prevent dehydration. You can make homemade rice soup with a small amount of salt at home or use oral salt for your child.

4. Do not abuse antibiotics. Incorrect use of antibiotics will not only kill the normal flora in the baby's intestines, but even cause the flora to disorder, which will increase the incidence of diarrhea.


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