Use the five misunderstandings of the treadmill


Misunderstanding 1: Do not warm up, run quickly


   Experts said that starting from the beginning, it is easy to cause injuries, such as knee joints, ankle joints, muscle strain, dizziness, etc. Secondly, such fast running, the athlete may not find his own goal. “The correct way is to start by knowing what your goal is to achieve.” Experts say that the purpose of running is cardio training. Fat loss training? Slimming training or muscle training? After clearing the target, perform appropriate warm-up exercises to reduce the damage to the body. “The warm-up exercise generally achieves a slight sweating, and the muscles and joints are not so stiff,” he said. After running on the treadmill, start from slow walking and jogging, and gradually increase the amount of exercise. This process is usually 10-15 minutes. The lower treadmill should also gradually slow down to avoid vertigo.


  Myth 2: Running time is too long


“Running time is not as long as possible.” Experts told reporters that their own goals are different and their running time is not the same, unless there are people with special needs, such as the recent marathon, players can improve themselves on the treadmill. Cardiopulmonary training, the general running time needs to reach more than two hours.


General fat loss training, running time should be about 30-50 minutes, fat loss is based on the metabolic function of the human body. Less than 30 minutes, the body's sugar is consumed, 30-60 minutes, the body's fat is consumed; above 60 minutes, the body will consume protein. If it is muscle-enhancing, the running time is usually about 30 minutes. "Many people will ask if you can increase your muscles during running. In fact, muscles need good metabolism when you gain muscle, and you need to support your heart and lungs. It consumes subcutaneous fat and makes muscle lines clearer."


Therefore, if you want to lose weight, the running time should not be too short or too long.


   Myth 3: When running, hold the handle


"We don't recommend or encourage people to run their hands with their hands." Experts say that only when slowing down, the handle can be slowed down to support.


If you hold the handle, the center of the human body will lean forward. "This will cause a lot of pressure on the knee, ankle, and lumbar spine, and the coordination of the self will be reduced, which will easily cause injury." Experts said.


Therefore, when exercising on a treadmill, you must tighten your abdomen and tighten your lower back muscles.


   Myth 4: The higher the slope, the better.


   Experts say that many people think that the higher the slope of the treadmill, the greater the amount of activity, the greater the difficulty. In fact, this is not good. “In general, for people with normal fitness or fat loss, the slope is level.”


Increasing the slope and speed of the treadmill will increase the intensity of exercise, and the choice of exercise intensity will vary from person to person. If the slope is too large, it will easily cause the triceps of the calf to be too tight, resulting in incorrect force. Will increase the thickness of the calf. The speed is not as fast as possible. In different modes of running, jogging, brisk walking, climbing, etc., the proportion of energy substances consumed by the body is different.


  Myth 5: Running without shoes


Many people now have treadmills at home, "but you must not barefoot on the treadmill." Experts say that barefoot running, the vibration of the treadmill will cause unnecessary damage to the joints of the legs, sweating on the soles of the feet, and slippery. Down; wearing double thick socks can play a certain damping effect, but after all, the socks do not have the elasticity of the sole, can not replace the role of sports shoes.


   Experts suggest that on the treadmill, it is best to wear double jogging shoes, jogging shoes are lighter than ordinary shoes, and the soles are soft, suitable for use on treadmills. Ordinary sneakers are fine, but choose a base that is not too thick.


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