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Lugu Lake is a city full of joy. There is a “passionate and exciting” national top theme park tour, an “absolutely elegant” cultural ambience tour, an “elegant and relaxing” ecological landscape tour, and “surprises of surprise”. Gourmet shopping tour... The joy that can be found in Penghu is full of colorful colors. The content of the “Joyful Colors of Wuhu - Seeing the Eyes of the Lake” network activity will help you find inspiration for your joyful travel based on your personality.

On October 28, 2013, the theme of “Unforgettable Tourism in Anhui—China's Happy City and Penghu” was formally launched. The event was initiated by the Wuhu Municipal Tourism Bureau and Lotto Tourism Network with the support of the Anhui Tourism Bureau and the Wuhu Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government. This activity aims at “helping tourists” to choose more convenient destinations for tourism. From the perspectives of “Indigenous (Wuhu Tourism Bureau) and tourists (Yituo Travel Network)”, “the color of Wuhu Lake - the colored lake”. For the main content, visitors are presented with a “delicious, vivid content” tourist destination city – Wuhu.

"There are no two identical people, but many have similar characteristics." Psychologists associate personality traits with color and divide people's preferences into four different types. The theme of the event is to combine the psychological preferences of different tourists to interpret the joy of Lugu Lake:

Red Lugu Lake - the joy of passion. You are open, direct, and energetic. In Wuhu, Fantawild Fun World, Fantasy Dream Kingdom, Dapu Rural World (Tsunami Hall), “Magic Festival”, “Night Revelry”, “Leap”, “Extreme”, “Restoration of Natural Disaster Scenes” and other tourism projects are The best place to enjoy the screaming of passion and screaming in the red character of love.

Green Lugu Lake - leisurely joy. The green character of your gentle and peaceful, harmony-oriented, like to return to nature. Wuren's Ma Ren Qifeng combines the magnificent scenery of Huangshan with the elegance of Wuyi, the chimneys of the Jiuhua Mountains, the bushes of the Yandang Mountains, and the rareness of the famous Shanshan Xiuchuan. The flowers and sea of ​​the Lushan Mountain are opposite to the stone forests. Going to Luoyang, Guoxiang Tianxiang Lushan and more... These are the most enjoyable journeys for you to enjoy a leisurely journey.

Blue Lagoon - elegant joy. You will be regarded as a rigorous, discriminating literary young person with a blue character, and you will be fond of culturally-influenced tourism projects. The tourism projects in Lugu Lake that exude “culture, art, and history”, such as the Tianmen Mountains described by Li Bai’s “The Heavenly Gate Interrupted by Chu Jiang Kai”, rich in historical and cultural heritage, and the historical cathedral of the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China, can all make the blue. You indulge yourself in the footsteps of the famous celebrities and ink lovers in the past.

Yellow Lugu Lake - beating surprise. Yellow personality you like to find items that are valuable or show personal achievements. Wuhu is known as Little Shanghai, “Ten Mile Street, Department Store Salty, and City Sounds” and there are always many surprises in the shopping malls, such as Pitt Plaza and Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street. Phoenix Food Street has gathered thousands of kinds of Wuhu specialties. The chic, 100-year-old restaurant and local restaurant are of different styles; the distinctive pedestrian street is full of fish, shrimp, crab, and delicious ducks. There are many kinds of ducks, and the earth dishes formed in the streets and alleys are of first-class taste. Whether it is to show smart shopping or prolonged cuisine, Wuhu always has a yellow character who can't help but find a surprise.

The activity focused on “Happy City” as a whole. Leisure tourism, business tourism, cultural tourism, and eco-tourism were the focus of this activity. The publicity covered the classic tourist product lines and new tourism products in Wuhu City.

On the basis of this, Lotto Tourism has further extended the tourism industry chain in Wuhu, took the lead in creating a display platform for Wuhu tourism destinations, enhancing the brand effect in all directions, enriching the new image of Wuhu's urban tourism, and constructing a new promotion and promotion system. The activity attracted many netizens to follow and participate in the tour around the Lotto Travel Network. The current netizens are close to 40,000.

Details of the event can be found in Lotto, the Wuhu Travel Official Website or the “Industrial Unforgettable Anhui” special event to experience the charm of “China Happy City.”

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