Reliable and accurate performance MB04 stepless speed changer Shanghai Nuoguang

Shanghai Nuoguang provides reliable and precise operation of MB04 stepless speed changer . The stepless speed changer rotates the handwheel to drive the speed change cam to change the angular position. At the same time, the speed control cam's stepless speed changer end surface curve is passed through the plane pinch clamp and the fixed cam. The role of the end curve, so that the speed adjustment cam axial movement, so as to evenly change the gap between the speed control cam and the fixed ring, so that the taper planetary friction wheel radial movement. Finally, the working radius of the planetary friction wheel and the driving wheel, the pressure plate and the fixed ring, and the speed-adjusting cam at the frictional point are evenly changed to achieve a stable stepless speed change.

1. High speed accuracy, speed repeatability of 0.5-1 turn.

2, two-way continuous operation.

3. The output gear ratio is continuously adjustable from 1:1.4 to 1:7 (except for UDL002) and the speed ratio is up to 5.

4, high operating efficiency, quiet noise.

5, good sealing, adapt to the use of the environment.

6, with a variety of reducers, such as RV reducer, gearbox, cycloid reducer and so on.

7, can be combined with a variety of speed reducer, solve a variety of transmission speed program.

Technical Parameters:
Power: 0.18KW to 7.5KW
Torque: 1.5N·m~2062N·m
Speed ​​range:
1. Basic type: 200-1000r/min
2. Gearbox with a gear reduction (i=2.5-5): 40-200r/min
3. Speed ​​changer with secondary gear deceleration (i=7.1-25): 8-140r/min

MB stepless speed changer model:
MB02, MB04, MB07, MB15, MB22, MB40, MB55, MB75
MBL02, MBL04, MBL07, MBL15, MBL22, MBL40, MBL55, MBL75
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