Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry Operation Series (Video)-Cleaning of EI Ion Source-4

A very good demo. It ’s not a picture or animation, it ’s a live action video. Please wait, other GC operation videos will be uploaded one after another. Decompression method: Download all 4 parts of the gas chromatography operation series (video)-EI ion source cleaning, and change the above file names to 1.rar, 2.rar, 3.rar, 4.rar in sequence and store them in the same Just unzip it in the folder.

 Our thermoforming packaging products use recycled PET plastic materials. The product quality completely achieves the same function as virgin material, and meets the food packaging requirements of food safety. PET plastic material is very suitable for fruit and vegetable packaging, in addition to high transparent appearance, it is also one of the most safe and environmental protection packaging materials.

The packaging containers of this series of fruits and vegetables are all with air holes. The packaging of fruits and vegetables, especially strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and other berries packaging, needs multi-directional air holes, so that the frozen air can quickly reach the center of the fruit and vegetable packaging, and the condensed water can be quickly drained out to reduce the deterioration of fruits and vegetables.

Fruit Clamshell/Punnet

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