Advantech reagents-new nanotubes turn osmotic energy into electrical energy

The French National Research Center issued a communiqué on February 28, saying that researchers at the institution have developed a nanotube that can convert osmotic energy into electrical energy. Its power generation is 1,000 times higher than current technology.

The working principle of the osmotic energy generator is to install a semi-permeable membrane between fresh water and salt water, and use the pressure exerted by the osmotic effect on the semi-permeable membrane to push the turbine to rotate to generate electricity. However, according to the current technology, the power generation per square meter of semi-permeable membrane is only 3 watts, which cannot be put into widespread use yet.

Researchers at the French National Research Center have designed a new experimental device, which consists of an insulating waterproof membrane and a boron-nitrogen nanotube with an external diameter of tens of nanometers. The researchers let the nanotubes pass through the film and inserted electrodes at the ends of the nanotubes. The researchers placed fresh water and salt water on both sides of the film and measured the intensity of the current passing through the nanotubes 1,000 times more efficiently than other current technologies. The researchers believe that this is because the surface of the boron-nitrogen nanotubes has a large amount of negative charge, which can attract cations in salt water.

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