Toy company Hasbro lets everyone come together to add new words to the Scrabble font

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It turns out that the official Scrabble dictionary owned by Hasbro Toys has not been updated for nine years, and now they plan to update, and the method is more democratic. They launched a section on Facebook for users to provide words. The way to participate is very simple, just leave the words in the form of a message. The event will end on March 28th and they will select 16 words that are considered best for the public to vote for. The final winner will be announced on April 10. At present, many people have proposed to add new words in the New Year, including "photobomb", "bromance" and "selfie". I don't know that "selfie" is a candidate for the 2013 word by the Niu Law Dictionary. Will it run out?

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